There you are – life’s looking great from the outside,

but secretly, you’re feeling unhappy inside.

:   You tried working harder, smarter to do lists + better time management systems to beat the overwhelm – but nothing seems to work.  (And to your desperation, you find yourself procrastinating + mindlessly browsing the web.)

:   You read more books than you can count + took dozens of “this is what I’m meant do with my life” quizzes – yet your head’s still spinning with questions and doubts.  (And that makes you feel like you’re failing – why can’t you just apply what you’ve learned?)

:   You think a new job might be the solution, but you’re not sure – what if life doesn’t get better there?  (Plus, you’re reluctant to go through the whole interview and assessment process.)

:   You feel as if you are living life with the brakes on – so much potential that’s not pouring out.  (And on your bad days, it feels as if you’re the only one struggling.)

And so – even though you long for something to change –

you still find yourself stuck in that same place,

with plenty of questions + little answers.


It doesn’t have to be this way!

I’m An Bourmanne and I help smart high-achievers, just like you, to uncork their potential + create a life that doesn’t just look good from the outside, but feels great too.


I work with “pretend happy” high-achievers who seem to find themselves constantly battling with overwhelm + never-ending to do lists.  They lost themselves (and what really lights them up) somewhere along the way + dismiss their “secret dreams” as stupid, ridiculous and wrong.

I help them dig for the root cause + figure out what they really want, past their shoulds+ can’ts + supposed tos and their what will they think of me? worries.

Because so often, without even realising it, they have been working hard to “mold themselves” into the person they think they’re supposed to be, dismissing their own talents + strengths as “normal” or “not that important” (and overvaluing those of others).

There’s so much they could bring into this world that’s not coming out. They are so much more than they give themselves credit for. (But if you’d ask them, they would be quick to point out their flaws + challenges.)

Through my 1 on 1 boutique mentoring (think a cozy safe space, tailor-made assignments + lots of personal attention), I give savvy women no-frills actionable guidance to start creating a life they love (without burning bridges + alienating people).

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Chase your dreams before the regret of not doing so,

chases you in your dreams.

:   I live in Brussels – born and raised in Belgium.  I started babbling in Flemish (kinda like Dutch but with a much cooler accent) as soon as I was old enough to make word-like sounds, picked up some French along the way, but lost my heart to English.  Nowadays, I use the three daily, nicely separated with the occasional unintended mix-up.

:  I’m an engineer, working 15+ years in corporate, seriously fascinated by why we do what we do (or don’t do what we say we wanna do). I marvel at the power of our beliefs (what we believe => what we do.  So seriously fascinating, right?)

:   But I despised anything psychology or self development for the longest time. I thought it was not helpful (it is – mostly), stupid (it’s not – mostly) and just a lot of touchy-feely empty talk based on fantasies + fairytales (mostly wrong again – there’s some work + research out there that’s mind-blowingly sound).

:   Today?  I’m a certified NLP practitioner, a Martha Beck trained life coach (those 8 months were so good) + a certified life coach at Brooke Castillo‘s top-notch life coach school (the most intense life-changing training I’ve ever done).

:   I love coffee – though a proper English afternoon tea got me discovering the magical world of teas.  I’m a green smoothie lover + can’t get enough of vanilla ice cream. And chocolate mousse. And the combination of both. (Mmm, heaven – seriously.)

:   I abandoned running (after forcing myself into liking it for years) – hiking feels so much more me.  Nowadays, I have an on/off relationship with yoga –  every time I sweep my feet behind my head in the “plough pose”  I think “I really *should* do this yoga thing more often.

:   I’m a life muser, philosopher + dreamer. I love photography (doing some here!) and recently dipped my toe in a jar of paint – starting to paint is definitely out there with the best decisions I ever took.

:   If you wanna make me all happy + excited, you just have to invite me to an art exhibition + I’ll follow you around like an overexcited puppy (the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition is one of the best I’ve seen in the past years).  Or buy me a trip to the States (or Iceland) + I’ll be your best friend.

Working hard to be the person you think you’re supposed to be,
is such a waste of talent + potential.

It makes you hide your unique views + bright ideas.

It makes you not create the work only you can bring into this world.

It makes you feel “pretend happy”, secretly sad and alone.

And that’s such a loss.

For yourself.  And the rest of the world.



Giving yourself permission to be your one-of-a-kind self
is how you tap into your talent + potential.

It makes you share our unique voice + bright ideas.

It makes you create the one-of-a-kind work only you can bring into this world.

It makes you feel blissfully in sync with yourself, joyful and connected.

And that’s such a win.

For yourself.  And the rest of the world.

(It’s not as hard as you think it might be, and more rewarding than you’d ever think possible.)

You’ll mesmerize the people that really get you.

Not by trying to win them over.

But by being you – unapologetically.

You’ll mesmerize yourself.

Not by pretending to be someone you are not.

But by being you – unapologetically.

And that’s why I do what I do.


Helping you put the you back in you.


So the world can enjoy you.

And you do too.


Wanna put the YOU back in you?

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